What Is Protractor?

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In this article you will know about what is protractor.

What Is A Protractor?

Protractor is a sophisticated automation and end-to-end behaviour-driven testing tool used to test AngularJS applications. It also functions as a solution integrator, fusing robust technologies like Selenium, Jasmine, Web driver, etc. Protractor Testing aims to write automated regression tests for regular Web and AngularJS applications. To learn more about protractors, join protractor training in chennai at FITA Academy.


Protractor is a NodeJS-based open-source framework for automated testing. It provides integrated end-to-end testing for AngularJS-built web apps. Both Angular and non-Angular applications are supported. Nonetheless, Protractor is frequently chosen for testing AngularJS because it can be used to test sophisticated HTML elements.


It uses several technologies, including NodeJS, Selenium Webdriver, Jasmine, Mocha, and Cucumber, among others, to provide a powerful automation test suite to carry out Cross Browser Testing for web applications.


Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework for AngularJS apps that combines potent tools and technologies, including NodeJS, Selenium WebDriver, Jasmine, Cucumber, and Mocha, to serve as a solution integrator. It was first created by Google Developers as a framework for angular applications and was later made available as open source. 


Protractor now supports applications that are both Angular and Non-Angular. The Protractor is a wrapper built on top of Webdriver.js; it supports all Selenium Webdriver-supported functionalities in addition to those unique to Angular. To learn more about angular applications, join protractor training in bangalore.


The official javascript implementation of Selenium is WebDriverJs. Similar to selenium java, it communicates with the browser using the Selenium JSON-Wire-Protocol. To speak with the browser, Protractor relies on WebdriverJs.


Almost all web apps require JavaScript. JavaScript expands along with the applications' size and complexity. Testing the web application for numerous scenarios becomes challenging for testers if this is the case.


Using JUnit or Selenium WebDriver, capturing the web elements in AngularJS apps can occasionally be challenging.


To identify the web elements in AngularJS apps, Protractor is a NodeJS software written in JavaScript that runs with Node. It also uses WebDriver to manipulate the browser based on user input.



This article will let you know what a protractor is. To know more about protractors, join protractor course online to learn about the framework for automation testing. Thus, knowing more about different technologies such as NodeJS, selenium, and cucumber is vital.


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