Reasons to Earn Microsoft Azure Administrator - AZ-104 Certification

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Microsoft certification is a proven approach to establishing a solid presence and standing out in the field. With AZ-104 certification, you can access a wealth of advantages and improve your profession toward the goals.

Everyone is probably wondering why IT specialists enroll in Microsoft Certification exams. What significant role does the Microsoft certification play in their career growth? Microsoft accredits the main thing about the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification. Every organization has recently been processing its data and service through cloud technology.  

The company is hiring IT professionals certified with Microsoft Azure Administrator to access and manage the cloud technology. Every Microsoft certification exam has a unique code to represent it. Likewise, the Microsoft Azure Administrator has AZ-104 Certification. Passing the AZ-104 examination will help one achieve the Certification and get a job in any international organization.

 The specialist will be in charge of managing and deploying the cloud infrastructure in the organization. Skilled professionals will know how to use cloud computing technology for developing the business and improving the performance to the actual result. 

AZ-104 Certification:

The AZ-104 certification exam has a different concept based on cloud infrastructure. The role of certified candidates can implement, manage and monitor the Microsoft Azure environment. In addition, they also know how to work with cloud services which includes 

  • Virtual networks
  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Identity
  • Governance
  • Application Development
  • DevOps Solution

The Microsoft Azure Administrator is also familiar with operating systems, servers, networking, and virtualization. In addition, the professionals also have experience in using PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM templates), Microsoft Entra, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Reasons to take AZ-104 Certification:

Microsoft certification is a proven approach to establishing a solid presence and standing out in the field. With AZ-104 certification, you can access a wealth of advantages and improve your profession toward the goals.

You may learn all there is to know about Azure cloud setup while attempting the AZ-104 Certification in Austin. In addition, you may go deeper into the specifics of Azure infrastructures, such as network systems, provision, resource modification as necessary, administration, maintenance, identity tracking, and much more. Here are some of the common reasons to take AZ-104 Certification: 


After earning the Microsoft Azure Certification, the candidate has various job alternatives and prospects. The individual will become a better cloud designer, solution architect, and developer by learning more about cloud computing and administration. The qualified applicant also obtains the capacity to work in many sectors and regions. 

As IT companies transition to cloud computing, a specialized and qualified person is required to complete the task. Certification will enable you to handle cloud-based networking, storage, and computers. The qualification also offers employment opportunities in various sectors, including entertainment, finance, healthcare, and more. You may also have the chance to work abroad in countries like the UK, the US, France, and many others.

High Salary:

The Microsoft Azure certification provides the opportunity for everyone certified candidates with high salary paid job in local and international organizations. The organization is highly recommending certified professionals for managing and providing the service to customers in the best way. On an average of $136,768 per annum, the salary for Azure developer professionals and Azure architects is $152,879 per annum.

In addition, the candidate can also take the additional course for becoming a senior level azure professional. These high salaries will differ for countries and organizations. Also, Azure specialists provide $40,914 to $172,170 on average per year.

Quick Learning:

It provides a quick learning tactic for certifications. The concepts are easy and unique to make the learning process simple. With this Certification, everyone can learn all the Azure tools from the courses. There are many tools to learn: Eclipse, Hadoop, and Xcode on the course. 

As a beginner, the candidate can quickly adapt to the platform and efficiently use Azure services. For the Azure certification examination, online help like books is a great help. Additionally, the professional can use offline courses to gain practical knowledge effectively. 


Azure offers an effect on the improvement of both cloud infrastructure and data centers. Small and mid-sized organizations can economically use the service by hosting all of their technology in the cloud.

By efficiently expanding and maintaining the host resources, the certified Azure specialist can lower the IT expenses of the business. Additionally, certified technicians can save costs in every critical area for the development and creation of new technology while still maintaining other data for security-related purposes.

Security Standards:

The Secure Software development Lifecycle is accessible through the Microsoft Azure certifications (SDL). The SDL guarantees that your Azure apps will be fully protected and secure. For cloud services to be legitimate and reliable, regulators protect the data.

Privacy safeguards correctly using the global cloud standards. The quality convention enables businesses to concentrate on growth and other business-related factors without worrying about security capabilities. It also gives you the information and accessibility you need to safeguard your information.

Enterprise Assistance:

This understanding gives limited costs to instruments and software, guaranteeing a specific amount of expenditure—generally, more purchases and incredible markdowns.

Enterprise arrangement limits vary from 15% to 45%. The base recorded responsibility is 500 fresh clients or gadgets for business firms. As a skilled Azure proficient, you can find a new line of work in an organization that settles on this understanding and partakes in the lower costs for devices and services.

Proficient Turn of events

The interest in Azure services develops consistently. Different certificate types give a strong base for a proficient turn of events. These affirmations cover numerous subjects for engineers and arrangement specialists. It means that you can get the point in an administration company.

DevOps Abilities:

Azure provides a DevOps confirmation for competitors that, as of now, have some central information on Azure. The two potential situations for applying for the DevOps engineer master confirmation.

A competitor should have partner-level confirmation as an Azure engineer or an Azure presiding officer. Novices ought to initially finish the MS Azure Essentials test. You can't simply be eligible as a DevOps engineer in the wake of fitting the bill to get the confirmation. You want to get some understanding first.


The developing interest in a career in cloud computing is a sufficient reason to gain Azure confirmation. It can assist you in acquiring better career potential and opening doors in various areas. Likewise, the certificate proposes numerous expert improvement choices that can assist you with accomplishing your objectives. Ideally, this article assists you with better comprehension regardless of whether you want to prepare for the Azure administrator exam or a Microsoft Azure certificate.


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